Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant
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Sunnyside Pale Ale

Light Caramel toasted flavors and fresh spicy hop overtones hopped with Ahtanum hops. 5.5% 16abu

Style: Special Best Bitter

Color: Lt Amber

O.G./F.G.: 12.5/3.6 plato

Alcohol: 5.5%   by volume

Crisp and clean with generous Yakima Valley, Washington hop character. 

Sunnyside Pale Ale is a four time award winning beer in the "Best Bitter" category. Starting with a Bronze at the 2002 World Beer Cup, followed by a solid showing in 2004. A Gold at the World Beer Cup, a Bronze at the North American Brewers Awards and a Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival.

Available Year Round, in 12 oz. bottles, gowlers and on draft in 15.5 gallon and 5.16 gallon kegs.