Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant

Brew House

A Self-Guided Tour

Through the large glass windows in our spacious dining room you are able to view the vessels used within our Brew House to create our beers. As you look to the far left from this vantage point, you will then see the Hot Liquor Tank where water is heated to specific temperatures for brewing. As your eyes continue to canvass over to the far right of the brewery, you will see a large conical tank hanging from the ceiling--this is known as a Grist Case which is used to collect and focus the grain after it has been run through a crushing mill (this mill cannot be seen from the dining area). The Grist Case cone drops the milled grain into a Mash Tun. The Mash Tun is where the scalding water from the Hot Liquor Tank is mixed with the milled grain to activate enzymes which naturally occurr, converting the starch in the grain into sugar! Whoa...this sweet liquid, now called Wort is siphoned off the bottom of the grain bed and into the Boil Kettle.

The Boil Kettle is easily seen from the dining area, prominently featured in the middle of the large bay of windows next to the wood fire oven. The Boil Kettle is where the sweet Wort is introduced to the Hops and other ingredients which sterilizes them and “Isomerizes” oils from the hops. Hops are what give beer the bitter balance against the sweetness of the malt. From the Boil Kettle the bittered and sanitized Wort is pumped through a heat exchanger which cools the Wort down to temperatures in which yeast will thrive and not produce unpalatable flavors.

In the rear of the Brew House, standing tall, you will see our four Fermenters Our Fermenters hold roughly 16 barrels (496 gal) of Wort. In the brewing industry we say, "Brewers make Wort, Yeast makes beer".  You will notice a cone shape at the bottom of the Fermenters where the yeast collects--we can reuse the Yeast in the creation of another beer; it also helps collect the solids which fall out of solution as the beer cools after fermentation is complete.

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Brewery Facts

  • Snipes Mountain Brewing - Sunnyside, WA
  • Open since July, 1997
  • Brewing nearly a dozen different Ales and Cask Conditioned Ales


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