Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant
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Head Brewer

The Alchemy of Craft Brewing Considered

Having a brewery in the Yakima Valley means your beers are going to be known and sought after for their bright, aromatic hop flavors. I strive to present the great variety of flavors expressed in our hops by balancing them against the rich malt grown on the plateaus, valleys, and plains surrounding our region. Our proximity to hop ranches, hop growers and hop processors gives us unique opportunities and access to hops that are the envy of  brewers around the world. We want to share this benefit of our location with you.    

I understand that every beer drinker’s palette is different, and I try to provide a range of beers so that you will find a favorite; left always to have something new to discover! Choose from elegant simple styles like Blonde and Munich Helles, to bold Pacific Northwest IPAs, and on to subtle and complex spicy Farmhouse Ales. I hope our beer leads you on a path to discovery of something new and exciting to spark your curiosity, and encourage you to go out and explore the vast world of modern Craft Beer!

-- Dennis Donsen, Brewer